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This section, using real life examples,  details how Mortgage Coach, my unique mortgage solution software, separates me from the rest of the mortgage industry by providing information to clients that other mortgage lenders don’t think to offer, thereby, helping my clients make more informed decisions about the financing options available to them.  Mortgage Coach reports are included (requires Adobe Reader).


Case Study 1 – Total Cost Analysis


A client doesn’t know what mortgage rate/cost structure is the most beneficial for their situation.  Unlike what you may have heard from the news media, The Lowest Rate is Not Always The Best Loan.  With my Total Cost Report I can provide a comparison of 3 to 4 rate/cost scenarios allowing the client to pick the one that best fits their lifestyle and future plans.


Case Study 2 – Equity Repositioning


A client is concerned about living paycheck-to-paycheck and is considering either ending monthly investment in their retirement account/investments or canceling an insurance policy to free up monthly cash.  With our Equity Repositioning Report I can show them how refinancing and continuing to contribute to their investments can not only increase their monthly cash flow but will also help them invest more fully in their financial future.


Case Study 3 – Rate Watch Report


A client is open to refinancing his mortgage to lower his rate, when rates fall below a certain level.  With the Rate Watch Report, I can e-mail him/her (on a monthly basis) a comparison of current market rates and what the monthly savings would be.  The client can then make more informed decisions based on current market data.


Case Study 4  – Rent vs. Own


The age-old question; is it better to own a home or continue renting?  Depending on your scenario, you could be wasting money by paying into your landlords economic future.  Let us compare your current rental costs to owning your own home.  Our detailed analysis will factor in tax deductions, equity, etc.